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American Warrior Radio Show

American Warrior Radio Show every Saturday 11-noon EST sponsored by AVET Project & AM1510WMEL. Garren Cone and Glenn McGuffie bring you up to date information on VA benefits and other military related issues. Visit American Warrior Radio show HERE:


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Empowerment Tools

Personal Stories

Music Therapy

Self-Help Tips

Rest and Recuperation

Once a military member returns from duty in a
combat zone, AVET Project selects applicants
on a first come, first served basis to participate
in a retreat where they, and a spouse or
significant other, can decompress, relax, and reconnect with one another. Our AVET Project
staff instructs about reintegration issues, coping methods, and relaxation skills, as well as offer stress mediation techniques. While not
structured to the point of being a classroom scenario, an itinerary is followed so the participant can choose to partake or simply skip a topic, if desired. A certified hypnotherapist counselor assists each participant in dealing with unresolved issues. Airfare, ground transportation, meals, lodging, and recreational opportunities are provided absolutely FREE.

Empowerment Equipment Bags

This free program delivers “turbo charged” care and convenience packages to our troops on the front lines of Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere. EEB’s provide all the essentials such as toiletries, socks, snacks, DVD/CD’s, magazines, books, games, sunscreen/lip balm, hand-warmers, and gender specific personal product items, however, EEB’s go a step further. AVET Project efforts to teach our military members the importance of daily journaling by providing materials and instructions on how to begin this worthwhile habit. aplogo2013

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Meals for our Military family

Providing food, gifts and resources for our Military families.

Airport Outreach

Greeting warriors with AVET Project information
and $5 to buy a snack.

Elder Care Outreach Program

Preparing for your future.

AVET Project reaching out to Seniors regarding potential VA benefits along with special guest speakers on finances and health care issues.

Resource Project

An ongoing list of resources for veterans, troops
and their families. Send me an email about your situation and where you live. Right now, you can contact your local American Legion, Veterans of Foreign War, Disabled American Veterans,
Elk and Moose Lodges for financial assistance.

Entertainment and Recreation

Performing and listening to music lowers stress levels by providing an avenue for expressing emotions. It’s also a fallback and healthy distraction from pain. Music can even induce physical changes, lowering heart rate, tension, and blood pressure. The effects are strongest if the person plays music because playing gives them a sense of control, a boost of

confidence, and an overall feeling of enjoyment through the release of endorphins. Soldier Hard, the founder of Redcon-1 Music Group couldn’t agree more.

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